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At the Humane Society, we work to get every adoptable animal out of the shelter and into a good home. And in a

perfect world, every animal would find a home. However, this is not a perfect world...and that's why we work with

Rescue Groups. Currently, we have over 450 Rescue Groups on file and we work with over 100 on a regular basis.

Without their aid, more and more animals would go without a home. They are true saviors to our shelter, and many

others like ours. If you have a moment, please take the time to visit their website by clicking on the logos below.

If you are a rescue group, and would like to join us in our quest to save every adoptable animal possible, please

fill out our rescue application and return it to Krissi Hawke at Please include a copy of

the application and contract used by your rescue group, and any references (vet, rescue, etc.) you may have. Thank you again for all you do for the animals and for partnering with our shelter in our endeavors.

Download an Application:

Rescue App.pdf rescue groups