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Insurance & Wellness Exam

All adoptions come with a free wellness exam

from any veterinarian within Clark County.  

Also included is a 30 day insurance policy

designed specifically for shelter adoptions.


Please feel free to contact the shelter

with any questions you may have.  

(937)399-2917 x 17.  Questions

regarding Prison Dogs should be

referred to our P.E.T.S. Page, or to the

Shelter Coordinator at

(937)399-2917 x. 14.

prices for redemption

These prices are for stray animals brought into the shelter (by a Dog Warden or by a good

samaritan) that are to be redeemed by the rightful owner.

Example:  Your dog was brought in on the 1st, and it is now the 5th.  The dog has been

here a total of 5 days.  The redemption amount would be $80.00.

A regular dog adoption is:


        (This price includes the

    current year’s Dog License)

Also included is a “Spay & Neuter” deposit. You have 90 days to have your new pet spayed or neutered.  Once we have

confirmed the procedure with

your vet, you will be issued a

check for $30.00 within 30 days.

Void on previously altered dogs.

additional charges

In addition to redemption your dog will need a current Dog License, and you will be

responsible for any and all vetting that was administered to keep your animal safe while

here.  If your animal is here beyond the 72 hour hold time required by law, it may be

spayed or neutered and heartworm tested in preparation for adoption. You would be

responsible for these additional costs as well.

emergency charges

The Humane Society Serving Clark County reserves the right to charge an emergency fee

for calls outside of normal business hours.  This will vary on severity of the situation.

what to bring with you

Please bring the following with you for redemption of your animal:

A regular cat adoption is:


  ** Special Pricing**


All cats have been previously spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS.

There are many times when we have other animals that do not fit into a “normal” selection of pets. Guinea Pigs, birds, snakes, turtles, and many other species are in & out of the shelter everyday.

Prices vary.

owner surrender pricing
stray surrender pricing